Review Carleen P.

We love, love, love Greenhouse. Our son has been going from the time he was 2 months and he just turned 2. Our daughter has also been there since 2 months and she’s now 9 months. Our son knows sign language, Spanish, English, colors, shapes, animals and so much more. He wouldn’t be at the stage he’s at now if it wasn’t for the support of Nan and the other teachers. Our daughter has been crawling and saying mama and dada for months now and the teachers do so much to continue to help her grow. In addition to the lessons, the love and attention that they show the kids is so comforting and they really promote a family environment with all of the kids. Aside from home, there is nowhere else we’d rather have our kids. If you’re looking for not only a daycare, but a home away from home, please don’t hesitate to consider them.